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Alpha Release
Climate Physics is up and running. People involved in these initial weeks are helping us to get a solid start and some initial content ready for an official launch day. Thank you!
We need people to sign up and add content. Introduce yourself at the Meet and Greet forum. Speak up to welcome a few others. Have a look at the guidelines, then start a thread, or contribute to someone else's thread, in "General discussion" about something frivolous. Give ideas and suggestions and problems in "Feedback". Write about a recent or an important paper in "Published papers". Try your hand at a "Tutorial". And also, if another thread by someone else looks interesting, add something to it!
We need people to put a bit of work into getting the board active and humming in these early days. You can help off-site as well, by blogging about it, or blogging about an interesting thread.
There will be a public launch of the new board in late June or early July with some special events. By then the board will hopefully be working spontaneously and we can all relax a bit at a job well done to get it going... and I will remove these distracting notices.
Ideas or suggestions for Climate Physics forums may be added in the feedback forum without registration.

If you register as a board member, you will be able to join in discussions in all the main forums, and have many additional features such as customizing your profile, blogging, and personal messages. Registration is simple, fast, and completely free.

If you're already a member please log in to your account to access all of our features.

Our aim is to support substantive discussion of the science of climate, especially the underlying physics. We focus on ideas that have been published in the conventional scientific literature. This still allows for all kinds of competing ideas to be considered, while hopefully avoiding distraction from ideas that have no credible basis.

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General climate discussion guidelines

This is where most technical discussions belong, and so it is particularly important that you understand the guidelines for proper support of claims, which are spelled out in more detail in the global forum guidelines. Here is a copy of the relevant section.
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Climate science discussion
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Locked Pinned: Climate science guidelines
sylas 0 141
Feb 26 2010, 10:30 PM
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