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Climate Physics is up and running. People involved in these initial weeks are helping us to get a solid start and some initial content ready for an official launch day. Thank you!
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There will be a public launch of the new board in late June or early July with some special events. By then the board will hopefully be working spontaneously and we can all relax a bit at a job well done to get it going... and I will remove these distracting notices.
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Our aim is to support substantive discussion of the science of climate, especially the underlying physics. We focus on ideas that have been published in the conventional scientific literature. This still allows for all kinds of competing ideas to be considered, while hopefully avoiding distraction from ideas that have no credible basis.

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Svatli; Introduction
Topic Started: Jun 3 2010, 06:48 PM (188 Views)


My name is Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson and I'm from Iceland, my online name is Svatli.

I'm very glad that I found this forum. I've been interested in the field of climate science for a few years now. When I begun this interest I was mostly trying to figure out if the skeptics argument did have any hold in the real science and commenting on that mostly on icelandic blogs. That had the consequence that me and another blogger (hoskibui, which is also a member here) did find together and last september we startet a climate website in icelandic, loftslag.is, loftslag litteraly means climate in icelandic.

We try to update our page at least once a day, and are therefore quite active in the climate debate, at least in our homecountry. The science of climate is a very important issue and it's important to inform about what the science are telling us about the matter in a deliberate way. I'll hope we'll managing in that approach on our site ;)

I'm hoping this forum will become an augment to our usual information sources on climate science.

Thanks for the forum Sylas :)
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I just wanted to add, that I've also done some translations on SkepticalScience.
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Ari Jokimaki

I'm little late in this, but welcome Svatli!

It seems that this year you guys there in Iceland decided to start cooling the climate... ;) (Is the volcano close to you?)

It's nice to see that Skeptical Science translations going so well (as you probably know, I have been doing it as well), there's now 15 languages in addition to English.
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I live in Reykjavik, which is about 120 km from the volcano (straight line). There was almost no ash here while the eruption occured, but we have been seeing a little bit of the ash for the last two days because of the wind conditions. This eruption will not have significant influence on the climate (at least not the by the size of it until now - it has stopped for now), but it had some big influence on the CO2 emissions from airplanes and airtraffic, that's one thing for sure ;)
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